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5 Tips to help you get a Paid Internship in Colombia

There are many interesting offers for unpaid internships in Colombia by many NGO’s and social work institutions, they usually require a small program fee, you may receive college credit, housing or meals. However, if you’re the sort of person who likes to forge their own path, pick your own apartment, and cook your own meals, then obtaining a paid internship might be the right choice for you.

If you're looking to find a paid internship in Colombia, look no further. The following tips will help get the internship of your dreams.

Tip 1: Do some research

Internships Colombia is one of the best place to look for internships as it has relationships with many reputable organizations in Colombia who are experienced in facilitating internships. Although the offers ask for a program fee, be sure to seek out School incentives, discounts, or any work-study type programs to help alleviate the cost.

Other common job search engines like Indeed and Computrabajo have options to search for local internship positions. Try using various keywords in order to see the full list of opportunities.

You’re not the first person that has wanted to go abroad! Especially in larger cities, expat students are very friendly and tend to help each other when abroad. Make sure to seek out websites that are specifically geared towards expats.

Step 2: Pick Your Field of Interest

For those interested in social works, that field tends to host more unpaid internships, The education field is a good option, Teaching English in return for a living stipend. Local governments sponsor teachers to improve the level of English literacy for students. Teachers are able to live with host families while receiving a modest pay for their job. One example is the SENA and MEN program which is an initiative run by the Colombian Ministry of Education.

Other Field that have multiple quality results are Programming, web development, marketing, management, journalism, law, and childcare.

Step 3: Before Application

Colombia used to have unique resume specifications but recently companies have been more open to any kind of international formats, some even ask for a cover letter, video resumes, website form along your CV. Even if you are not fluent in spanish, it is important to demonstrate interest in the language from the start, going through the effort of writing your CV and cover letter in both English and Spanish can improve your chances of getting accepted for an internships

Here are a few sentences that might be useful.

  • Dear Sir / Madam = Señores (as)

  • I am writing to enquire about… = Escribo para pedir información sobre...

  • Your company was highly recommended by… = Su compañía fue muy recomendada por...

  • Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. = Si requiere información adicional, no dude en contactarme.

  • I look forward to hearing from you soon. = Espero tener noticias de usted pronto.

  • Yours sincerely = Atentamente

In Colombia, It is very important to have a one to one interviews, often requiring you to attend to the company’s office, since this could be difficult for a student overseas, it is recommended going through an agency such as Internships Colombia who can attend on your behalf to the selection processes that require a face to face approach as well as help you find several opportunities to get internship that matches your profile. The second best option is to make your presence know by telephone after you send your CV via e-mail to ensure your request has been received, make sure to submit your application then call and follow up, sending your CV via e-mail alone can lead to your submission for the internship to be dismissed, forgotten or lost.

Resumes need to be very detailed, and can even be more personal than those in the United States,, aside from Personal details, Education and Professional Experience,

Extracurricular activities, Language (level of fluency), Computer Skills (Software you are familiar with) and Miscellaneous (Any additional information, availability, drivers license, military service, etc.)

Step 4: Requirements and Visas

Once you get accepted for your internship to begin, be sure that you have the necessary legal documents. Some employers often help you with this, If they do not, you can do independent research online, you can check the Cancilleria’s website to check the type of visa you need to acquire before beginning your internship.

We recommend that you take to an agency to acquire their Visa services or you can choose Internships Colombia which has the visa process included in the service package.

Step 5: Have an Open Mind

Perhaps you can’t find the paid internship of your dreams, and that’s okay!

If you’re willing and able to taking an unpaid internship, or one with a smaller stipend, the number of available opportunities will grow tremendously. Instead of paying a salary, some internships will either offer food, housing or both in exchange for your work.

Always keep trying, don’t give up when looking for paid internships in Colombia, check every few months since there are new opportunities coming up. Use these tips to help you and you’ll find something that peaks your interest in no time!

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