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Internships Colombia counts with a group of experts on the area, which will guide you on the steps to the expedition of your Visa





What type of Visa do you need? *




  • Work Visa - TP4: It’s for foreigners that wish to enter the country under a labour contract or contract of service contract with a natural or legal person domiciled in Colombia. It’s also indicated for artistic, sporting or cultural groups entering the country with the purpose of providing public spectacle.


  • Volunteering Visa - TP6: It’s for foreigners that wish to enter the national territory as a volunteer aid worker on a non-governmental or non-profit organization recognized by the Colombian government. In this case the validity of the visa will be up to one (1) year with multiple entries.


  • Student Visa - TP3: It’s for foreigners that wish to enter the country to study an academic program, whether with a scholarship or not, taught by a school or properly certified education center, or under an academic exchange agreement and student practices. This visa is also required when the foreigner wishes to enter the country to be trained in a craft or trade.


  • Independent person Visa - TP7:  It’s for foreigners that wish to enter the country in pursuit of one of the following activities or occupations : As a person of independent means/a pensioner or renter, a partner or owner of a society, or medical treatment and/or as a companion of  whom will receive the medical treatment, a property owner or for independent trades or activities.


  • Spouse Visa - TP 10: It’s for foreigners that wish to enter the country with their colombian spouse/partner.


In the scenario that a visa is not required for the time you will be staying in Colombia, or because of the type of activity you will be doing in the country does not require a visa, we can help you obtain a Permit of Entry and Permanence, which would be best for these cases. If you require a more extended stay in the country, we can help you get the Temporary Stay Permit.




* This information was retreived from the Cancillería de Colombia website


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