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Colombia, a fascinating country

Colombia is located in the northwestern tip of South America, with an area of 1,141,748 km2 (4,400 sq.miles) and has an approximate population of 45 million people. The country shares its borders with Venezuela and Brazil to the East, Ecuador and Peru to the South, Panama and the Caribbean Sea to the North and the Pacific Ocean to the West.

Few countries on earth are more geographically blessed than Colombia, with its high-altitude peaks, lush jungles, pristine beaches, wildlife-reach rainforests and coffee region. It contains three mountain ranges, peaks topping 16,000 feet, some of the most biodiverse habitats in the world, and whole regions of untapped Amazon rainforest. Eleven percent of its territory is protected in national parks, and it’s the only country in South America that borders both the Pacific and the Caribbean, with 2,000 miles of coastline.​ Colombia has the greatest diversity of species per square meter (plants, mammals and birds), and is the second most biodiverse country in the world (genes, species, and ecosystems), according to Earth Trends.

Colombians are very joyful people and by the end of 2012, Colombia was crowned the happiest country in the world in the “Global Barometer of Hope and Happiness” survey.

Colombia has many traditional folk tales and stories about legendary creatures which are transmitted orally and kept for next generations to come. These folkloric entities are present in carnivals and festivals countrywide. The “Desfiles de Mitos y Leyendas” (parades of myths and legends) are an important part of these events in most of the Colombian cities and municipalities. Examples of these parades are the Barranquilla Carnival, Cali Fair and Festival of the Flowers of Medellín.

No South American country has a greater variety of music than Colombia, strategically placed where the Andes meet the Caribbean. The four major musical areas are: the mountain heartland; the Pacific coast; the Caribbean coast; and the Llanos or eastern plains. Traditional Colombian music styles include : vallenato, reggaeton, merengue, cumbia, salsa, porro etc

Colombia also has a strategic location, it is located in the center of 5 time zones, including the international business hubs of New York, Toronto, and Miami. By air, Colombia is 3 hours away from Miami, 5 and a half from New York.

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