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We realize that you, parents, are often involved in the decision making process of doing an internship abroad. So we decided to build a page just for you! We hope that this information makes you confident that Internships Colombia is the best fit for your son or daughter. If you have any other questions or concerns, contact us!


Internships Colombia provides internships and volunteering experience for international Students, recent Graduates and experienced hires, throughout Colombia. We offer a complete program to live, intern, and study in Colombia. See below for a brief summary of each program.


We closely observe the United States’ travel advisory page. Currently, Colombia is listed as Level 2: exercise increased caution. We recognize that there is an inherent risk in traveling abroad, but Colombia has gotten rid of its negative perception. In fact Medellín was named "Most Innovative City" by the Urban Land Institute in 2013. If you want to read more about safety in Colombia, we recommend reading the Colombia Travel Advisory page on the State Department website.

Program Benefits

​Internships Colombia facilitates internships in Colombia. We will help your child seek out internship interviews, coach them for each respective one, and make the visa process simple. We also offer the Immersion Package, which makes it easy for your son or daughter to meet people in Colombia.  Read more about our packages to find out all of the different things that we support.

Health & Insurance

Internships Colombia helps families find an international health insurance plan. Also our team is available for 24/7 support in the case of an emergency. Colombia’s health care system is modern, especially in cities like Medellín.

Career Benefits

If your student wants to take their career global, doing an internship abroad is the first step. We partner with a bunch of different international companies, making it easy for our interns to expand their international network. Also, our interns are able to develop their Spanish language skills. Read more about one of our intern’s experience here to see how his internship in Colombia helped advance his career in South America.

Contact us!

Have other concerns? Send us a message!

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