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Immersion Tour Medellin

With the Immersion package, you will be able to experience the rich, diverse culture of Medellín, Colombia. The Immersion Package is available to anyone, no matter if you do an internship with Internships Colombia or not!

Please email us with Subject: Immersion Tour Medellin

Download our latest version of our Immersion Tour Medellin

The Immersion Package includes 5 different experiences / activities:


“The Immersion Package made it easy for me to do 2 things -- learn more about Medellín and meet new people. I came to the city alone, without knowing anybody. But after each event, I had a bunch of new friends that offered to show me around Medellín. Paisas (locals from Medellín) are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, and I would have never been able to meet so many if it wasn’t for the Immersion Package.”

 - Nate Van Haute, 2017 Intern
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