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Our application process is very easy! Check the next video to learn more about our alumnis who did their internship through Internships Colombia.

3 Easy steps :

1. Online Application Form and book your 1st interview

2. Coaching with Internships Colombia


We will:


  • Evaluate your level of Spanish/English

  • Discuss about your Educational/Professional Experience 

  • Define your project

  • Understand your motivations

  • Get you ready for the Skype interview with our partner organization​

How do we communicate ?



3. Interview with our Partner Organizations


During the interview you will:


  • Learn about the methods, activities and requirements of the partner organization

  • Understand the mission/tasks of the internship and your role in the organization

  • Show the organization that you are the right person for the position

  • Ask for more information about the position and the organization

​How do we communicate ?

  • The interview will be over Skype

4. Prepare your travel


Once you get accepted, we will:

  • Support you through the Visa process

  • Support you with your accomodation process

  • Support you with the international insurance

  • We will pick you up at the airport

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