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Company Profile: Company that offers solutions to technological needs and management processes.


Internship description:

  • Develop commercial strategies and sales targets.

  • Plan sales in new and existing markets.

  • Close deals and draw up contracts that have all technical, economic and legal guarantees.

  • Negotiate the business conditions.

  • Find customers and evaluate suppliers and subcontractors (market studies) to obtain the greatest possible benefit (costs, deadlines, quality, quantity ...).

Internship requirements: 

  • English level: Native

  • Spanish level: Advanced

  • Confident use of Microsoft Office software, including Word, Excel and Powerpoint, plus database packages.

  • Must be a proven self-starter capable of independent thought and using initiative.

  • Good understanding of promotional marketing benefits for clients and ability to use sales techniques in presenting proposals both in writing and in person.


Company Profile: We are a non-profit corporation that aims to support organizations, businesses and social projects in Colombia through volunteer programs, with use of international and national talents in different areas or professions.

Role description:

  • Manage all accounting operations based on accounting principles.

  • Prepare budget and financial forecasts.

  • Publish financial statements in time.

  • Collect, analyze and summarize account information.

  • Compute taxes and prepare tax returns, balance sheet, profit/loss statement etc.

  • Develop periodic reports for management.

  • Audit financial transactions and document accounting control procedures.

  • Keep up with financial policies, regulation and legislation.



Role requirements: 

  • Proven working experience in accounting or relevant field.

  • Thorough knowledge of accounting and corporate finance principles and procedures.

  • Strong attention to detail and confidentiality

  • Advanced degree in Accounting.




Company Profile: Production Company | Founded: 2005 | The company produces TV commercials, corporate videos, promotional videos, documentaries and short movies | The company has won 7 Awards since 2005 | Top clients include: Bancolombia, Yamaha, Éxito, Argos, AVIANCA


Internship description:

  • To help manage the financial part of the company

  • To make financial forecasts

  • To manage the accounting: income statements, balance sheets, asset and liabilities management

  • To optimize the cash flow of the company

  • To make recommendations to optimize the financial management of the company



Internship requirements: 

  • English Level: Advanced

  • Spanish Level: Intermediate

  • Student or Graduate in Finance / Accounting or other related disciplines





Company Profile: Award-winning Non-profit company | Pursues the vision of a world where social money delivers meaningful impact | The company achieves this vision through a combination of innovation, financial structures, cutting-edge technical expertise, passion, & professionalism | Clients include: governments, public & private institutions, development agencies, and research centers


Internship description:

  • To play a significant role in spurring the results-based financing movment

  • The company offers a rare entrepreneurial experience with exposure to leadership in the private, public & social sectors

  • To provide support in organizational strategy, Human Resources, marketing, fund-raising & operational tasks

  • Outstanding performance may result in an offer to join the compnay on a permenant basis


Internship requirements: 

  • English level: Advanced

  • Spanish level: Intermediate

  • Excellent academic credentials with a degree focused on public policy/administration, economics, finance, anthropology or a relevent area of study

  • Developed qualitative and quantitave research skills

  • Demonstrated leadership and entrepreneurial abilities

  • Quick learner, creative thinker & self-starter



Company: NGO present in 19 countries in Latin America | Founded: 1997 | The NGO strives to better understand the causes of poverty in underprivileged neighborhoods & to fight extreme poverty in Latin America 


Internship description:

  • To provide support to the Finance team

  • To provide support in fund-raising & operational tasks

  • To minimize costs & maximize returns

  • To contribute to poverty reducing strategies

  • The company offers a rare experience with exposure to various different aspects of the inner workings of an NGO


Internship requirements: 

  • English level: Basic

  • Spanish level: Fluent

  • Interest in Community & Social work

  • Highly motivated & dedicated



Company Profile: Online Banking | Company advises clients in investments, credit & insurance | Manages over 1200 financial products


Internship description:

  • To provide support to the Finance team

  • To help contribute to the development & growth of the organization

  • To help obtain new clients

  • To produce financial reports


Internship requirements: 

  • English level: Basic

  • Spanish level: Advanced

  • Student / Graduate in Finance or any other related discipline

  • Highly motivated & dedicated

  • Experience preferred




Company Profile: Investment management company focused on promoting and supporting shared value | Looking for interns who want to experience a fast paced environment in Medellin, whilst enjoying all that Colombia has to offer.


Internship description:

  • Economist

  • Business administrator

  • International business

  • Financial analyst


Internship requirements: 

  • English level: Good

  • Has the ability to make secondary sources

  • Has knowledge of the finance industry

  • Has knowledge of financial companies

  • Has knowledge of economic analysis

  • Starting: Before November

  • Duration: 6 months



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