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We provide prestigious Paid Volunteer Teaching Positions within El SENA (Top 3 highest budgeted government agencies) and the Ministry of Education of Colombia.

We offer English Teaching Positions within various schemes, and as such you can find positions within:


  • SENA Program: founded in 1957, works as a Public University and serves the low income population in Colombia. The students will usually be between the ages of 18 and 23.

  • MEN Program: English teachers for “Escuelas Normales Superiores,” which are very similar to regular public high schools however these schools are meant to educate future preschool and basic primary teachers.



We offer benefits and recommendations that you would not otherwise be able to take advantage of:


  • Assistance before your arrival and during your stay here in Colombia

  • Full Visa Assistance

  • Optional Spanish and Salsa classes

  • Social Events



Reviews and Testimonials from Erin, U.S. Teacher working for the SENA:

"My Experience working for El SENA as English Teacher was an amazing time! I had the opportunity to do my job in excellent conditions! I recommend to everybody to come to Colombia and work for the Ministry of Education."

We Work With 250 Companies in Colombia:

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