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Company Profile: Environmental services company | Founded: 2005 | The company provides sustainability consulting services and develops projects for clients | It has created and monitored more than 120 projects 


Internship description:

  • To liase with management on projects

  • To contribute to projects with research & reports

  • To design solutions that will help with environmental problems

  • To design plans to reduce pollution, improving recycling efforts, increasing the efficiency of waste disposal etc.

  • To communicate with current clients

  • To propose services to prospective clients

  • To contribute to the continued leadership and competitiveness of the company in the environmental engineering services sector


Internship requirements: 

  • English level: Advanced

  • Spanish level: Advanced

  • Student / Graduate in the field of Environmental Engineering

  • Self-motivated, enthusiastic and organized

  • ​Excellent communication skills

  • Interest in the environment



Company Profile: Specializes in Innovation | Designs & creates innovative solutions to increase the sales of their clients | Top clients include: Familia, el SENA, EMVARIAS 


Internship description:

  • To understand and meet clients' needs

  • ​To provide efficient solutions to the development of processes and products

  • ​To contribute to the development and use of new materials / technologies

  • To manage software

  • To manage projects


Internship requirements: 

  • English level: Intermediate

  • Spanish level: Intermediate

  • ​Skills in CAD, CAM, CAE

  • Enthusiastic and organized

  • Highly dedicated & motivated

  • ​Excellent communication skills

  • ​Experience desirable



Company Profile: Specializes in analyzing, identifying and establishing an improvement plan to reduce electricity consumption  | 10 years of experience in Colombia  |  Top clients include: AVIANCA, Colpatria, Farmatodo


Internship description:

  • To develop and maintain electrical control systems and/or components to required specifications, focusing on economy, safety, reliability, quality and sustainability

  • To design and manufacture electrical equipment for use across a variety of sectors

  • To contribute to projects from the conceptionmof the design through to implementation & testing

  • To project manage and multi-task

  • To understand and meet clients' needs


Internship requirements: 

  • English level: Intermediate

  • Spanish level: Advanced

  • ​Student / Graduate in the field of Electrical Engineering

  • Commercial awareness

  • Leadership & management skills

  • Experience desirable



Company Profile: A Colombian engineering firm located in beautiful Medellin Colombia is looking for an Electrical Engineer intern who has knowledge in circuit programming and management. This is a great opportunity for those that are looking to expand their international experience while learning from one of the fastest growing company in Colombia.


Internship description:

  • Electronic development

  • An Electrical engineer student or professional who has knowledge in circuit management and programing.

  • Redesigning an E-Bike integrated light system

  • System power revision and test protocols

  • Acquisition and handling of data


Internship requirements: 

  • Be able to do a basic circuit design

  • Be able to do basic object based programming

  • Knowledge of 3D electronic modeling

  • Knowledge of digital data communication

  • Knowledge of basic programming

  • Good level of English

  • Basic Level of Spanish

  • Chinese Mandarin highly prefered  

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