MEDELLIN, the most innovative city of the World in 2012

Internships Colombia was created in Medellin and most of the internships we offer are based in this city.

Medellin is the second-largest city in Colombia. It is in the Aburrá Valley. With its surrounding area and the metropolitan area of Medellin composed by another nine cities, it is the second largest urban agglomeration in Colombia in terms of population and economy, with more than 3.5 million people.

The city is situated in a beautiful valley, offering mountain views from every angle. Combine the natural setting with Spring-like temperatures year round, Medellin offers a very comfortable climate both day and night. It is known as the "City of Eternal Spring". The climate is just one of the many reasons why people are visiting and moving to Medellin.

Medellín is a safe, modern city, filled with sophistication and charm from its Spanish heritage.  It is known by its cultural encounters, the warmth of its people and the amazing views that are accompanied by clear blue skies and beautiful sunsets.

Medellin is a very dynamic city. It was elected the most innovative city of the world in 2012 by Citigroup and the Wall Street Journal. Originally distinguished for its progress and potential, Medellin found new solutions to classic problems of mobility and environmental sustainability. In this city, a modern underground metro system has eased pollution and crowding in the city’s main arteries above, and glistening new museums, cultural centers, libraries and schools enrich the community.

Medellin is also a business city: it was elected in May 2013 the best city to business in South America by the magazine Business Destinations (first out of 100 South American cities).

Medellin is home to Colombia’s most famous artist, Fernando Botero. In the city center, you can walk through Botero Plaza and get your picture taken amongst a few dozen of his large metal sculptures.

The plaza also features the Museo de Antioquia which features some of Botero’s paintings, as well as other Latin artists.

Medellin is a big draw among younger travelers, as paisas (inhabitants of Medellin) love to dance, drink, and party. The women are reputed to be the most beautiful in Colombia, if not all of South America.

Every December, Medellin and the surrounding cities like Envigado and Sabaneta, put up millions of Christmas lights and decorations. The entire valley is transformed, fireworks are lit off every night, and chivas (party buses) take both the locals and tourists around to see the displays. It all makes for a very festive atmosphere.

Medellin organizes a few festivals including the Festival of the Flowers. This festival is the most important social event for the city and there is a pageant, automobiles, a Paso Fino horse parade and many musical concerts.

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