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Spend your Summer in Medellín, Colombia - Summer Internships in Colombia

Nate Van Haute participated in an Internship in Medellín from October 2017 until February 2018. He is currently working a seasonal job in the United States, but plans to come back to Colombia ASAP!

Ahhhhh, summer break. Finally a time when college students can kick back, relax, and do some traveling. Most of the time though, our freedom to travel is often limited because of the pressure to gain work experience in order to boost our resumés. While it’s tough to avoid working, Internships Colombia’s summer Internship program makes it easy for college students to have an international adventure and gain the experience necessary to launch an international career after graduation.

Internships Colombia is one of the best places to look for internships because of their partnerships many reputable organizations in Medellín, Colombia. What also sets Internships Colombia apart is the fact that they work 1-on-1 one-on-one with students to help them find an internship. Their personalized service makes it easy to find an internship that not only fits your major, but also fits your schedule. It doesn’t matter if you have one month or three months to spend in Colombia, they’ll will help you find a position where you can make an impact, be immersed in Medellín, and develop international business skills.

Doing a summer internship abroad can also help you practice your Spanish communication while building their international network. With Internship Colombia’s social events, students are able to meet other international students and local Colombians. Students will be able to visit Guatapé, do a city tour of Medellín, or spend a day relaxing and eating the famous pastries of San Jerónimo. If you really want to immerse yourself in Medellín, check out Internship Colombia’s immersion package! This new package has 6 unique experiences designed to help students dive deep into Colombian culture. Internships Colombia has a big community in Medellín, and you will never feel bored in this awesome city.

Along with their social events, Internships Colombia also help students with all of the logistics of spending time in a foreign country. They’ll pick you up from the airport, help you find accomodation, and simplify things like getting a visa or international insurance. If you want to experience places outside of Medellín, their team team has plenty of recommendations for you! Internships Colombia’s team helped me fall in love with Colombia, and I can’t wait to go back as soon as possible.

If you are interested in doing a summer internship in South America’s fastest growing country, read more about their services and pricing options.

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