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Company Name: Internships Colombia | The company provides internships to international students and young professionals in Colombia


Internship description:

  • To contact clients via phone/email, attend meetings and network on national and international levels

  • To help the company with Social Recruiting: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc

  • To monitor the company’s databases

  • To organize social events

  • To attend clients’ meetings with the team

  • To follow up on the candidates progress with the companies


Internship requirements: 

  • English level: Good

  • Spanish level: Good

  • Proactive, show initiative

  • High dedication

  • Good organization and communication skills (oral and written)

  • Good command of Microsoft Excel

  • Competence:  International Business / Marketing / Public Relations

"Working with Internships Colombia was a great experience because I worked in a start-up environment and I had a lot of responsabilities"



Who: Matthew

Country: UK

Company name: Internships Colombia

Field: International Business Management



Company profile: US Mulinational Company | Founded: 2005 | Specializes in international software solutions


Internship description:

  • Quality analysis position

  • To communicate with different types of people

  • To asure that the product features (software application) meet the client requirements

  • To check if the product has any defects before being offered to the clients

  • To communicate with the clients (based in the US) regarding the specifications and requirements of the final product.


Internship requirements: 

  • English level: Good

  • Spanish level: Good

  • Good communication skills

  • High dedication to customer satisfaction



Company profile: NGO | Founded: 2006 | They provide consulting services to social organizations. It is one of the leading NGOs in Latin America for Social and Economic DevelopmentIt works with Colombian and International organizations including the World Bank, IFC (International Finance Corporation) and Development Getway


Internship description:

  • To manage information and communication (Research, Updating, Validation) for a network of national and international organizations focusing on the Social Sector

  • To help develop the Marketing Plan: emails, social media, contacts with organizations, planning, public relations, events etc

  • To participate in consulting meetings with Partner Organizations

  • To monitor a platform with Partner Organizations

  • To manage the information management tools

  • To prepare and translate documents and to create newsletters


Internship requirements: 

  • English level: Native or Fluent

  • Spanish Level: Good 

  • Competence: Marketing, International Business, Law or Politic Sciences with knowledge in International Relations and/or in International Cooperation

  • Skills: Excellent interpersonal skills, culturally adaptable, fast learner, proactive

  • Interest for the Social Sector



Company profile: Engineering and Development company | Founded: 2010 | The company works in the energy sector, makes rubber and plastic parts and focuses on research, innovation and development | Clients are Colombian and the company is planning to expand mainly in the USA and Europe


Internship description:

  • To develop and implement growth opportunities with European based companies

  • You will have training regarding the company’s products

  • To conduct market studies and evaluate market opportunities

  • To analyse competitors

  • To contact via phone/email prospective partners and develop networking

  • You will have a very significant role and autonomy in your project

  • You will work with engineers in a very dynamic environment


Internship requirements:

  • English level: Good

  • Spanish Level: Intermediate 

  • Good communication skills (oral and written)

  • Proactive, ready to take initiatives

  • Competent: International Business / Marketing



Company profile: Foundation which aims to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people in Medellin | Founded: 1997 | The Foundation gives assistance to kids, elderly and handicapped people providing many services: shelters, activities, nutrition, social work, health, etc. The Foundation works in cooperation with the Municipality of Medellin. It is planning to expand nationally and internationally


Internship description:

  • To establish and implement new strategies to reach new markets and countries

  • To strengthen the Foundation’s corporate image

  • To organize fund raising activities (including selling a range of products)

  • To manage the integration of partner companies in the Social Responsibility Program

  • To conduct market studies

  • To contact via phone/email prospective partners and develop networking

  • You will have a very significant role and autonomy in your project


Internship requirements:

  • English level: Good

  • Spanish Level: Intermediate 

  • Good organization and communication skills (oral and written)

  • High dedication

  • Team work

  • Proactive, ready to take initiatives

  • Competence: International Business / Marketing / Public Relations



Company profile: Award-winning non-profit company that pursues the vision of a world where social money delivers meaningful social impact, which they try to achieve through a combination of innovating contracting and financing structures, cutting-edge technical expertise, passion, and professionalismClients include governments, public and private institutions, development agencies, research centers


The Development Finance and Social Impact Internship offers an opportunity to play a significant role in spurring the results-based financing movement. Chosen candidates will gain exposure to the Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) model and to other financial innovations that incentivize government performance in developing countries. The company offers a rare entrepreneurial experience with exposure to leadership at the intersection of the private, public and social sectors.


The internships offers two areas of focus : Social Impact and Development Finance


In addition, one goal of the internship is to expose the intern to the challenges of a start-up environment. A significant portion of the intern’s time will be dedicated to supporting organizational building activities such as organizational strategy, HR and marketing strategies, fundraising efforts and operational tasks. These tasks will be assigned as needed and to match the intern’s interests and background.


Internship requirements: 

  • English level: Good

  • Spanish level: Intermediate

  • Excellent academic credentials with degree focus in public policy/administration, economics, finance, anthropology or a relevant area of study

  • Developed qualitative and quantitative research skills

  • Demonstrated leadership and entrepreneurial abilities

  • Quick learner, creative thinker and self-starter

  • Handling challenges that come with an organization in the start-up phase



Company Profile: A Colombian Import/Export Company is looking for International Business Development interns who are looking to develop their International Business skills while enjoying beautiful Colombia and its culture. This is a 6 months, paid internship and candidates should have proficient level of English and intermediate level of Spanish.


Internship description:

  • Need to have numerical reasoning ability to design strategies for sales

  • Research and find information from secondary sources

  • Have the ability to write and present executive level presentations.

  • Have a basic concept of marketing to design sales strategies.

  • Have basic concept of information technology

  • Have basic concept of business planning and business strategies.

  • Have basic concept of business techniques, financial analysis and be able to solve problems  


Internship requirements: 

  • Must be proficient in English

  • Must have an intermediate level in Spanish

  • Must have experience in international business or have equivalent education.



Company Profile: Company focused on the incubation, acceleration, transfer and commercialisation of technology. It wishes to contribute to the sustainable development of the areas in which it operates | Founded: 1999


Internship description:

  • Requires someone who has experience in consulting

  • Corporate advisory

  • Provide internal support in the company


Internship requirements: 

  • Must be fluent in English and be able to speak it to a business level

  • Can speak basic Spanish

  • Duration: 6 months



Company Profile: Company focused on software services, specialising in the design and development of mobile solutions and automatic identification based on RFID and barcode technology | Founded: 2008


Internship description:

  • Finding and contacting prospective clients

  • Carry out product demonstrations

  • Perform sales budgeting

  • Provide quotes

  • Promote the business


Internship requirements: 

  • Good negotiating skills

  • Good at improving methodology

  • Experience in public relations

  • Good level of English

  • Can speak basic Spanish

  • Starting: Immediately

  • Duration: 5 or 6 months



Company Profile: Company that creates impeccable, tailored mobile and web applications for the client. In order to achieve that, they want to fully grasp the client's business and project as well as their actual needs. | Founded: 2015


Internship description:

  • Finding and contacting prospective clients

  • Salesmen for the range of softwares that they offer

  • Manage projects and hold meetings with clients - these clients are international, with many based in Europe


Internship requirements: 

  • Minimum 2 years experience in software sales, principally in tailor made products

  • Advanced technical knowledge along with knowledge of the development cycle and project managements

  • Great communication skills when interacting with prospective and existing clients

  • Proactive, good personal presentation, great speaking skills and a focus on achieving goals

  • Dynamic individual who is great at convincing and can work by themself, and has persistance, determination

  • A good networdk of contacts is an advantage

  • Fluent English

  • Fluent Spanish

  • Starting: Immediately

  • Duration: Permanent

  • Salary: 3000000COP/month + Commission

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